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April 1st begins National Poetry Writer's Month, and I haven't written poetry in quite a long time. This is actually only the second piece I've written to publish on this blog in two years.

But I read a quote today that pushed me beyond my fears and towards this creative medium:

"I find there are seasons for prose/answers/declarations, & there are seasons for poetry/silence/mystery." -Shauna Niequest

Please enjoy the following creative work from my season of mystery. I have also recorded a reading for those who wish to listen and follow along.


They ask:

"Where are you from?"

A question that is loaded with history

With conquest

With chains

With calamity

With chaos

A question so vague that its answers oft elude me

I listen for context and ask myself before I respond:

Do they want the long-form journey?

Or the short, neat, easy, microwaveable,

speed-dial, Nestle Quik, instasnap way to frame me?

Me preguntan:

"¿De donde eres tú?"

Y pienso

Si yo digo mi pais, ¿me creerán?

¿O es mi piel tan oscuro que no me discreparán?

I’ve now taken too long to answer,

It’s getting awkward

So they push harder:

But where are you really from?

Now, what I really wanna say is:

I come from

The idea of my Creator

The blood of my ancestors

The womb of my mother

The dreams of my father

The safety of my brothers

Pero, si solo quieren saber

para ponerme en una caja

para decidir quien yo soy

o quien yo será

Solo necesitan saber que

Yo vine desde amor

And I come from peace

y ahora yo estoy aquí

Or, I’ll probably give in (por lo usual)

and say:

"Yo soy de New York City."

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