One Year.

Exactly one year ago today, I woke up for the first time without a job or school since the day I walked into Head Start as a 3 year old kid. I packed up the rest of my stuff at my best friend's house, and caught a flight to Los Angeles, California where I was met with the biggest of my big brother's smiles (and if you know him, they are HUUUUUUUUGE #seewhatididthere #sorrynotsorry #reclaimingmywords). My life was changing and I had no idea what was really about to happen. I just knew it was... well, a big deal.

What I didn't realize in those moments was the things I'd miss about the life I was leaving.

So here's a list:

  • B R U N C H -- Guys, hear me out: I never considered myself to be a "brunch" person, but my goodness if I don't miss kicking it with the homies for hours in somebody's restaurant eating my favorite breakfast foods and mimosas/bellinis/hot cocoa on endless pour. The Breakfast Klub, Snooze, Benjiy's This Spot in the photo below that has since shut down and I can't remember the name... BRUNCH WAS IT YALL! I DIDN'T KNOW HOW GOOD I HAD IT! I might have to start a brunch movement to Ecuador. I did cook brunch food for friends last month, but it's not the same on a Peace Corps budget, lol. IM TRYING!

My Houston Brunch family, this was one of our epic Sundays... haha! <3 #Nomadness

Actually guys, that's the end of my list for today. I really just stole a piece of your day to lament about how much I miss brunch right now. I NEEDED A MOMENT. Thanks.

Pour out some syrup for me and my brunch memories on your perfectly crispy-but-still-soft-where-it-counts challah french toast next Saturday, okay?

I even brunched on my 26th birhday. I guess I am a brunch person. Welp! #throwbackthursday

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