My dad is my favorite human.

I’m honored that God would bless me with a most incredible, complex, big-hearted person to love me through this life. In my adult years, I have found myself in a deeper, more fulfilling relationship with both my parents which have required a lot of hard conversations and extreme vulnerability. I feel like “friends” isn’t even a good enough title because friends have come and gone in my life but my parents have rode the waves of my life and loved me anyway.

Particularly my dad, because today is Father’s Day and once again, I am not with him to celebrate. It’s a motif of our relationship because I am the child that is always gone. I know it’s not easy for him to give me the green light to keep chasing after my purpose, but he has never complained to me, not once, not ever. I know he misses me a lot, but he never lets his emotions overshadow my drive to explore and figure out my life.

My dad is a rock. There is no other person that makes me feel more loved & safe than him. In this life, I know my dreams are protected and I carry none of my pain alone.

To believe that there is a God who is even greater is simply overwhelming, and I am humbled to be twice a daughter.

One of my pastors often says:

“Family fights together, not each other.”

Though life is not easy, I’m glad to have my dad on my team, not just fighting with me, but often fighting on my behalf. I look forward to seeing him again some day soon.

(How my Dad still sees me, and how I still see him)

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